December 3, 2010

Buddy Our Elf

This is Buddy.  He is our family elf.  
This is our third Christmas with him.  He shows up the day after Thanksgiving every year, then leaves Christmas morning.  He came with a book explaining what he does.  It begins like this.........

The first year that Buddy joined us, the kids made a competition out of it.  They kept track of who was first to find Buddy every morning.  I put an end to that when they started setting alarm clocks for 3 a.m. so they would know where to look in the morning.  (ahem.....Ryan)

Now, they hardly notice him.  
But he still comes to stay.......
He still goes to see Santa every night with a report.....
And he still comes back in a different spot every morning.  (well.... most mornings, that is)
Sometimes he doesn't move in the night.  We aren't sure why.  Maybe "he" forgets.  

Go to THIS link, if you would like to have a family elf.

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