January 2, 2011

Will You Join Me?

Do you remember the "One Little Word" that I chose last year?  You can find the post here.  Well it's that time again.  I love the idea of meditating on one word throughout an entire year, especially for the purpose of improving myself.  
Last year I chose THRIVE.  I will be honest with you.  There were many times when I felt angry at my word, especially after our losses this year.  You see, THRIVE means to flourish.  When I looked flourish up in the dictionary it said: "to be in a state of activity or production".  Truly, I probably wasn't angry at my word at all.  I was mad at anything that I could tie to my sadness.  

So, once again, I'm thankful for a do-over.  I'm thankful that I didn't choose a life word.  Every year, I get to change it up and........ I think that's awesome.   I did learn a little lesson through the process however, "Be careful with your word, Mandy".  (note to self)  Even if it is for only 365 days.  365 days can be a looong, looong time.
So without further ado........ (drumroll please)........................ I now introduce you to Mandy's 2011 One Little Word!!!!!  CONNECT

If I've learned nothing else this last year, it's that you NEED TO MAKE WHAT'S IMPORTANT............. ...IMPORTANT!!!!!  What I'm saying is, 
I have an amazing family.......... make them important.
I have an awesome bunch of friends........ make them important.
I have a church home........... make it important
I have an awesome God who loves me, guides me, and provides for me........ MAKE HIM IMPORTANT!!!
Guys, I'm not boasting, but I LOVE MY WORD!!!!!  
Photo from Ali's blog
This is the link to Ali Edwards website.  I challenge you to pick a word of your own and join along.   

Since I was on a roll, I decided to also participate in Beth Moore's SIESTA SCRIPTURE MEMORY TEAM.  Beth has been a mentor of mine since my oldest was in diapers.  Somehow I relate to her.  I feel that she and I are friends (except she doesn't know me from Adam).  It must be her Southern drawl, and her sweet disposition.  Simply put..... she pulls my heavenly heart strings, and I adore her ministry.  
Here is Mrs. Beth showing off the cute little spirals that we will be writing our verses in.  
This is my spiral

I have committed to memorize 24 scriptures over the next 12 months.  If you knew what went on in my rattled brain, you would understand that God will have to intervene here.  I pray He injects me with a dose of Godly serum that helps me remember.  Most days, I cannot remember my children's names (hence they get called three or four names before I get to the right one.  Sometimes I call them by my husband's name, or the name of my favorite cookie.  For crying out loud, I do well to remember I HAVE THREE CHILDREN!  Good thing I named my blog mommyofthree, or else I truly would forget).  

All joking aside...... I would love it if you decided to also join me on this adventure.  Do it instead of New Year's Resolutions!  24 scriptures from the Word of God means so much more than a list of broken promises.  24 scriptures is a good start on your "spiritual arsenal".  Store them up in your mind, then, when "the Enemy" strikes, (and I promise that he will), you will have 24 missiles to fire at him.  

If you are interested, click here for the instructions.  
NOTE:  You do not have to use this particular spiral.  Index cards are sold at most stores and often come spiral bound.  However, there is a link to purchase them here.

I will have a new verse to memorize on the 1st and 15th of every month.  My very first verse is this..............

"As surely as I valued your life today, so may the LORD value my life and deliver me from all trouble".
  1 Samuel 26:24
I've written it in my spiral and read it numerous times since.  I'm eager to see my tattered and worn little book on December 2011.  I've already spilt a drop of acai berry juice on it this morning.  Normally that would drive me bonkers.  But for some reason, I smiled.  It is well on it's way to being well used and well loved.

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