December 1, 2010

Hornet Basketball (game 1)

The Freshman Hornets officially kicked off the basketball season last night.  Their opponet, Benton.
 Ryan scored 4 points and made numerous rebounds.  He had two fouls early in the first quarter that caused him a little trouble.  

Mr. Marsh huddling the boys during a time out.  The score was back and forth the entire game.  I couldn't tell you how many times the lead changed.

The score was tied in the last minute of the game.  Benton had the ball.  They stalled until the the clock was less than 20 seconds.  Then...... they shot..........and scored.  Now the Hornets had less than 17 seconds to make it to the other end of the court and score.  We dribbled down.  Shot.  Then missed!  Benton had the ball but the Hornets turned it over.  Trent Moore threw up a half-court shot at the buzzer.  Hit the backboard, but it didn't go in.  Final score 41-43 Benton.

I'm still proud of my boys.  They hustled the entire game.  They are playing in a Tournament this weekend.  So, guess I better get my bleacher butt ready.  

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