December 14, 2010

Hornets vs. Irish

I'm sure that you get tired of me droning on and on about basketball.  I feel a twinge of "I'm boring these people" every time I post a huddle shot.  So, let me explain!!!  I HAVE NO LIFE!!  
Except basketball, baseball, football, Christmas programs, and holiday decorations and a few family get-together's.  

That's it, guys!!!

I don't travel often to exotic places.
Eat at fabulous restaurants.
Or mingle with famous people.

The most exotic place that I have been to this week is Wal-mart.
I did take the monkeys to Sonic Drive-in on Monday
Most often, our dinners include 5 belches, 2-3 passing of gas and a knock-knock joke.  (That is, if we are at the table.  Usually we are grabbing concession stand popcorn or drive through.)

So, out of your love for Mandy Jean, bear with me.

We loaded up the family and headed to St. Joe last night.  
Chillicothe Hornets
Lafayette Irish
 I'm not sure what licking your hand, then wiping your shoe does........ 
they all do it though.  And since I'm "the dumb mom (who thinks it's gross!), I will write all future comments about the nastiness of this in small print! 
1.      I do know that it makes them squeak 10 times more than normal when running up and down the court. 
2.        In the above photo Ryan is wiping spit on his shoe.  Just so you know.  He does this to EACH shoe.  Which says to       me..... he is not only licking his spit the second time, he is licking the bottom of his shoe.   Ummmmm.....GROSS!
 If you place a group of boys together, they will pat each others hiney's, grunt, and say things like "DEFENSE" in unison.
Mr. Marsh talking to Ryan about his math homework (kidding)
 We have hauled Gracie to the boys games since she was in diapers.  She has found a friend who's parents do the same to her.  
They have become BFF's.  
Her name is Maggie.
I'm aware that this isn't the clearest photo.  However, I wanted you to see who my boy was guarding all night.  Do you understand now why my blood pressure goes up during games?  Do you understand why I can't sleep for hours after a game?  Do you understand why I'm a FREAK?  He had to outweigh Ryan by 60 + pounds.  Really!!
  He won two of three tip-off's against this young man.  I hear the confusion.  Why 3 tip-offs?
Because, my loves, this game went into double overtime.  Yes, you read right!!  Double!!  As in dos, deuce, pair, and couple.

At this point, I'm taking a sigh of relief because.............we WON!
Ryan made 11 points, numerous rebounds, and a zillion blocks.
I love my Hornets.  Especially #33

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