September 24, 2010

A Week in a Nutshell

This week in a nutshell:
My creative bug left me after Mike died.  It's slowly coming back to me.  I've had urges to create, yet no time to follow through.  I scattered all my chalks out the other day to draw something on my kitchen chalkboard.  I got distracted however, then ended up taking photos of the chalk.  Instead of drawing a picture, I wrote a verse.  That seemed to serve a better purpose than the drawing at the moment.  Like I said, I'm slowly coming back.
Ryan's team has lost for the second week in a row.  But it's not from lack of trying on Rhino's part.  This isn't just because I'm his mother, but I think he's doing a fine job.
Ian's so fun to watch play.  It's like someone turns this "tackle" switch on in his brain.  He turns from a teddy bear to a maniac with the snap of the ball.  I wish that you could all see him.  
He caught me trying to take a photo of him at practice.  If you have remotely followed this blog in the past, you know that Ian despises his photo taken.  So, he turned away from me.  I was relentless.  Waiting......... until he turned his head back towards me.  I WILL get this picture!!!!  Ohh... and I did!!!
A turkey vulture (which is the ugliest bird on this planet) took temporary residence on a hay bale by the pond.  I'm sure he was scouting out snakes or mice.  All those vile creatures that I share 50 acres with.  Ughh!!!  

I just finished this series.  LOVED IT!!!  If you like Survivor, American Gladiator, or the Borne series, you will love this!!!  

I ventured back into youth fiction, can't help it.  That's where my heart is.  (and my brain too!)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Ours is full of baseball, soccer and football.  Surprised!!  Huh! 

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