September 16, 2010

Red-necks vs. Chicago

When I first realized that my Chicago trip was upon me (which means it was neatly packed into the back of my mind), I panicked.  Chicago!!!  The land of sophistication.  Fancy restaurants.  The infamous Velma Kelly, Roxie Hart and of course Oprah Winfrey.  Where pizza has been mastered.  And Michigan Avenue begs to be shopped.  
Then Christ Trout (Rick's cohert in crime) informed me that we would have very little luggage space, "so pack light".  That means I won't be able to change my outfit every third hour and Michigan Avenue will be so disappointed in me.
So I decided that if I could pack luggage, I would pack on a few extra pounds.  Pounds 1-3 came from this little dive.   They served a dish called the Horseshoe.  It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  I would say that it fits in "The Dive" category.
This was our view from the restaurant Friday evening.  It was 95 stories up in the John Hancock building.  
Zsa Zsa Gabor wanted Park Avenue.  I'll settle for Michigan Avenue.
We couldn't resist going into the Hershey store............
and making everyone think we were rednecks.
Here is Jeff Foxworthy himself "tipping the bottle".  
The arcitecture was stunning.  It begged me for photos.  
Rick and Tony enjoyed themselves a little too much at Harry Carrys.
Walked the Navy Pier.
Laughed at/with our goofy friends.
Took photos of butterflies.
I also took photos of Rick's hiney in his "sexy jeans".  
arcitecture........... or............
Rick's butt.  Umm, I'll choose, Rick's butt!!!
We dressed in blue amongst a sea of black and white.  We cheered for the boys of blue as they kicked White Sox butt.  We got dirty looks from the sea of black and white.  
Tony made his first major league appearance.
Da boyz!!!
You may have a seat Manny Ramirez........ cause you were just "schooled" by Soria.

Piece Out my friends!!!!!✌

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