September 20, 2010

Our "Real" American Girl

This girl begins planning for her birthday on September 15th.  (the day after her birthday)  Her ideas are expensive grand!  Her birthday list is a mile long well thought out!
For her 9th birthday, she wanted to go to American Girl.  So, guess where Princess got to go!!!  

I must say that she was a little overwhelmed.  Dolls EVERYWHERE!  Doll clothes EVERYWHERE!  Doll assessories EVERYWHERE!  She darted here and there looking for the best way to spend her money.  

Gracie bought Lanie☝.   Plus a couple outfits to change her into.  

Afterwards we stopped in the Disney store for a little dress-up.  

We also had a little party for Gracie at school.  Just cupcakes and juice.  She loves it when I come to school.  It doesn't matter if I'm doing lice checks with the school nurse or bringing birthday treats.  In this photo, the class is singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

The original Mad Hatter (hehe)
Macy Boo-Boo
Aunt P with Macy
Dana is grabbing a squeeze from Pammy
Dana, Heather, and Grandma Charlotte.

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