September 7, 2010

Ryan First Freshman Football (say that 5 times fast)

Ryan's first freshman game was Monday night. They beat the Lawson Cardinals 26-18
Ryan brought his own cheering section:
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Charlotte
Grandpa Bobby and Grandma Donna
Aunt Pam, Macy and Titus
Joshua and Leanna
Ryan is #84.......... and almost never lines up on the side I'm taking photos from. Next game I shall have a talk with the coach.

"(ahem) Excuse me coach. I am the mother of Ryan Smith. I would prefer you place him on the side I'm taking photos from.
Thank you!"

I love that he catches glimpses of us in the stands.
See his eyes peeking out in the back.
Hornets, you're amazing!!!!!
And I ♥♥♥ you!!!!! Especially #84

Ryan also has a BIG dance coming up............ Homecoming!!!!
I know little to nothing about it.
What I do know about it has come from everyone BESIDES my son.
I found out that he was GOING via a close friend. (who is the Aunt of Ryan's date)
I found out that Ryan's date has purchased a dress. (via the mom of Ryan's date)

I replied to a letter she sent me and it went like this.............
Ryan is being a total "GUY". I ask him questions, he shrugs and says, "I dunno".

ME: What do you wear?
RYAN: I dunno

ME: Are you getting her a corsage?
RYAN: I dunno

ME: Are you going out to eat?
RYAN: I dunno

You get the idea. So I think the planning is going to be left to you and I.

Oh, by the way..........
What should he wear?
Are corsages out of syle?
Do you mind if they go out to eat?

This is all so new!!!! :)

Talk to ya soon.

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