September 23, 2010

Bats and spiders and skeletons.....oh my!!!

The Smith house is starting to look a little SPOOKY!  I couldn't decide if I had the energy to decorate this year.  Cause' this "Mummy" runs her bandages off all day.  Now, I'm glad that I did.
I have skeletons dangling from everywhere!!!
Mostly "high up" places because my fat bulldog doesn't know the difference between a ham bone and a skeleton.  To him, a bone is a bone.  

Yummy platters of eye balls
And rabid bats handing from the light fixtures.

I have two all time favorite Halloween decorations.  This is one of them.

He is my second favorite.

My mums have (so far) survived my wrath.
.....and Gus is unimpressed by it all.  However, the goblin at the base of the basement steps gave him a fright.  I had to hug it and talk to it in a sweet voice to let him know it was harmless.  Geez, the things I do for this household.

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