August 17, 2010

MO State Fair 2010

Rick and I began our relationship at the Missouri State Fair 20 years ago. For five years prior to that, we were co-exhibitors and friends. So needless to say, we have roots in Sedalia, MO. The smell of sheep manure brings back sweet memories of youth, romance, and love. It is for this reason that we TRY to go every year.
Yes, things have changed.
1. We used to know everyone in the sheep, cow and hog barns. Now, we wouldn't remember if we did!
2. August seems hotter at 35 than it did at 17.
3. Animal testicles seem to be larger than they were back in the day.
4. The prices are higher (toting three children with us doesn't help any).

The prizes are just as junky
The food is just as greasy.
and delicious!!!
The entertainment is just as corny.

The cows, goats, and pigs smell just as bad.

The boys deserted us........ we weren't cool enough for them I suppose? The girlfriend waiting in the mid-way didn't help our chances either. So, it was Gracie, Daddy and I. The three musketeers. We drank chocolate milk from the Farm Bureau building, ate corn dogs, and went to a petting zoo.
We saw the best alfalfa hay in the state of MO.
and the largest pumpkins and watermelons.
Then we paid a lady $12 to paint Gracie's face like a tiger.

The finished result. After 5 minutes she asked me to take the glitter off her lips. Then after 20 minutes asked if we could take the paint off her nose ("it itches", she said), Finally after an hour, it was completely washed off. $12 I will never see again.
Grandpa Larry and Gracie sitting in a tractor.
I've done some editing on these photos. I wanted them to look old..... antique....

The State Fair means that school is near and summer is over. (sigh) I'm not sure where it's gone. Seems like they fly by faster and faster every year. I cannot believe that I have a freshman, 7 grader and a 3rd grader. It simply isn't possible. Just yesterday I was bawling my eyes out after I took Ryan to Kindergarten. Ugh! I'm not sure if I'm more sentimental this year because we have lost Mike and Tegan recently, but I feel like it's hard to swallow. I'm proud of my babies, but I sure wish I could slow it down. Is that too much to ask?

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