August 7, 2010

Cocoa's New Dwelling

With my own two hands, I assembled a rabbit cage. It required screws, and tools, and directions. And I did it. All by myself!!!!!!!

No Teen boys, no Husband, no Grandpa. Just me and a box of metal.

This is an accomplishment because...... I have trouble with Legos. I've only recently managed to make a good pot of coffee. Let's just say, this may be a first friends!
This is an extremely private fenced and gated property. Located at the end of a paved 1/2 miled long, tree lined property. It is surrounded by a "natural setting". Mature thorny locust trees and a Morton metal barn.
It is constructed by one of the areas premier luxury home builders (ahem). No expenses were spared in the creation of this magnificint abode. Metal floors, a loft, two entrances, oversized master bath with sliding "clean out tray", gourmet kitchen with personal pellet feeder and automatic waterer. It is approximately seven miles from bunny school, bunny shopping, and bunny restaurants.
This property is energy efficient and "green", very, very green.
The view is priceless.
and the social life is unmatched.
There is also a "hide so no one can get you" spot.
Hugs and kisses are included in this listing.
Lots and lots of hugs and kisses.
The watch cat is an added feature, however, the piece of mind she provides is priceless.
The watch cat is fierce..............
skilled in clawing, hissing, pouncing............
and highly aggresive toward intruders.
You can rest assured this property is well manicured by the owner!!!!

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