August 18, 2010

9th, 7th, and 3rd, whew!

My monkeys are officially back in school.
We survived three mornings of early morning. (thank goodness for coffee)
So far, no hitches. It has been smooth sailing.
The matching backpack, hairbrush, and umbrella have helped with the transition!
This photo was taken on the night of "Open House". Mrs. Bonderer seems like a little gem and I'm looking forward to sharing a school year with her and Gracie.
This was the first morning of school. We ALWAYS take photos!!! This wasn't a problem for Gracie. She is a camera ham.
The boys, however, were another story!!
I explained that this wasn't an option. Their photo WAS going to be taken. So they gave me their strangest faces and worst poses............ and I was happy.
They think that their mother is beyond weird.

I am, and that's OK.

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