August 10, 2010

I love you Ungle Mike

This is the hardest post that I've ever wrote.
I don't have the emotional energy to say much. So I'm going to share a victory that I've shared with my Uncle Mike. Or Ungle Mike as my kids have always said.
After Rick and I were married, we moved to NKC. I was less than 30 minutes from Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike (Heather and Josh still lived at home at that time). I spent most of my free time with them.
One night I spent the night and started asking questions about God. I knew that they went to church and it was very important to them. All the things that I knew about God were confusing and filled with rules. I thought He was "a boss" and I didn't want "a boss". I thought His stories were far fetched and unbelievable.
I started asking Mike and Pam questions that night. Question after question as a matter of fact. I'll never forget sitting on a barstool in their kitchen. It's almost as if God has preserved that memory fresh for me.
I asked how? How do I know for sure that Jesus is my answer? Why is there so much anger and sadness and violence in this world? Do we really have an enemy? And is hell a real place?

All those things that were confusing to me, we suddenly simple. Instantly, a lightbulb was turned on in my head, I believed. I believed all the Bible stories that before seemed crazy. I believed that God was good and just and the way. I believed that I needed Him.
I said the sinners prayer that night in my shower. Just the Lord and I. At first I thought it was crazy that I made such a huge spiritual decision in the shower. Now the symbolism is priceless to me. I was washed clean.
I don't have my Uncle Mike on this Earth anymore. But I'm POSITIVE that I'll share eternity with him in Heaven. I KNOW that I will hug him again. And I HOPE that God brings Mike to me when I enter the gates to walk me to Jesus. Because that is what he helped me to do on Earth. I pray that God gives him jewels in his spiritual crown for me, my husband and my children.

We love you Mike and we're going to miss you like crazy.


  1. So sorry for your loss. My mom called to let me know, but we weren't sure if you lost your dad or uncle. Thank you for sharing about him and your salvation story. I'll continue to pray for your family.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss Mandy. I hope you find comfort in your love and memories of such a wondeful person (as you have described him).