August 31, 2010

Why I Blog????????

Without a story....... this is a picture of a box of stuffed monkeys.

However, there is a story.

Gracie was three years old. I was the Pre-school Director for my church's pre-school. There were two primary classrooms (three year olds). Each classroom had a mascot........... a monkey. Gracie's classroom monkey was Max.

Max was used in the classroom.
1. as a reward.
2. as an example
3. as a lesson

He would occasionally make messes in the classroom while the children were at recess. (wink-wink)

But the most exciting role that Max played in the school was........
He was able to come home with one child every Tuesday. He would stay at the childs home for an entire week. The family of the child would document Max's adventures with them by taking photos, writing a letter, etc..

So, it's Max's turn to stay with us...............

Gracie proudly holds him under her arm and has a large smile plastered across her face. We take Max with us everywhere we go that night. Including a flag football game for Ryan.

This is where the story turns to the worse. Gracie forgets Max at the game. It's now well past dark. I haul myself back to town (flashlight in tow) to find dear Max.

Nope............. Notta............ Nowhere!!!!!!!!

I give up the search party for the night and go back the next morning. Inside I'm hoping that the daylight will shed light on Max's hiding spot.

Nope............ Notta.............. Nowhere!!!!!!!!

I contact Gracie's teacher and spill my guts. I ask her where she bought Max. How do I find an identical Max?

I have a lead and so I do a quick online search.

I find other Max's alright. But I have to buy them in lots of 12!!!!
So I call the company. "Ma'am, I just need one Max. Is there a way that I can purchase one?"

Nope........... Notta............... Nowhere!!!!!!!!

So, I grudgingly buy 12 monkeys. 12 MONKEYS FRIENDS. What am I going to do with 12 monkeys?

I rush ship them directly to my house. In four days, I have a box full of monkeys.

Now the original Max was gently loved. He had dirt smudges on his face and fuzz balls on his fur. Don't for a second think the children didn't notice.

Now for the irony............
1. What in the world do I write in Max's adventure letter? Do I say that he was lost/ then found? Do I say that he went to a "special salon" that made him look good as new?

2. A month after this fiasco, we found the original Max....... in Gracie's bedroom!!!!

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