May 6, 2009

Here is a little blog candy.  I planted yesterday.  I've been itching to do it for a while.  The weather has been very uncooperative though.  I have loads of pink and purple in every shade.  My favorite flower colors.  I hope that I don't get tired of watering them.

Sweet peas

OK, I have a blasting headache.  You know, the kind that makes you want to stick your head in a vice grip.  Not pretty.  I would LOVE to crawl back into bed and sleep it off.  However, there is work to be done!!!!  

Today is the last church dinner until September.  I am ready for it to be done.  I love all the girls, I love cooking, I love having something to keep me busy on Wednesdays, but mostly I love our lunches together.  That is our tradition, we all go to lunch.  School is winding down and I'm ready to sleep in occasionally.  

So, I have a ton to tell you since the last post.  I doubt that I can do it though in the ten minutes I have until I need to jump in the shower.  

First of all, I am in love with Edward Cullens,  Jeez, he is amazing!!!  I am on book three.  Almost finished with it.  I thought the guy that they cast for Edward in the movie looked familiar.  He was also cast in Harry Potter as Cedric Digory.  Another hottie.  By the way, Rick absolutely knows about this.  I don't keep it a secret.    (just in case you were feeling the need to tell on me)


Nancy, Michelle and I had a super time in Vegas.  I'm not sure that "we country girls" fit in there though.  We happened to visit during Gay Pride, which was interesting.  WEIRD-O's!!!!!!!

We saw Cher, who was amazing!  She can shake it like she is 25.  She had a flawless voice too.  I never have been too interested in her voice, but I must say, I was impressed!!!

It is fun to be with friends, especially since I love these girls like sisters.  

Ok, it took 20 minutes to upload these pictures.  I'm not going to get it all wrote.  Gonna have to finish tomorrow.  


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