May 20, 2009

I really have the best neighbors ever.  Dwight and Renee Jones are constantly bringing me pies, soups when I'm sick, flowers, you name it.  Frankly, I will never be able to compete.  She is super sweet and has become quite precious to me.
So, when we returned from Ryan's ballgame last night at 10:00 p.m..  These were waiting for me.  She knows that peonies are my favorite.  So stinkin' nice!!!!!

Speaking of the ballgame.  We won.  The end score was 6 to 13.  That was only because in the last half we played the boys in off positions just to give them experience.  Ryan pitched the first two innings and did well.   

Ian's birthday was kind of a bummer for him I'm afraid.  He will get his official party when we return from vacation.  But last night was a whirlwind of everything else that we had to do.  He did get a camera and I'm afraid that no one is safe anymore.  He clicks when you least expect it.  I'm sure that I have some unflattering pictures on there.  Oh well.  I'm glad that he is enjoying it.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Colorado.  Rick's dad is having surgery today on his shoulder.  So we are going to stop by the hospital on our way there.  I won't be blogging while I'm gone.  This is a family vacation.  So I'm not going to take the time to do this while I'm gone.  Just going to enjoy being together.  We will be back on Wednesday (a week from tomorrow).

Well, I'm off to pack and tie up loose ends.  Million things to do.  

Last day of school today.....yippee!!!

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