May 7, 2009

Thursday's top five

Good morning all.....

When Ryan was younger, he loved being in costume.  That's not especially surprising, most kids do.  The funny thing with him however is......when he was in costume, he thought he WAS who he was dressed as.  If he was dressed as Batman, he WAS Batman.  If he was dressed as a monkey, he WAS a monkey.  So on and so on.  He wouldn't answer us if we asked RYAN a question, because he wasn't Ryan.  He also thought that when he was in costume that others thought he WAS that character.  
Sweet memories.

I think that I am finally adjusting to the "normal" routine again.  I bounced out of bed this morning.  Haven't done that since before I left for Vegas.  

I am so busy today.  I cannot believe that I'm writing at all this morning.  So, it's going to be short.  I wanted to give you something to think about today.......and I promise tomorrow, I'll write more and post lots of pictures.  I took a million yesterday!!!

Thursday's top five:

1. Spring flowers and green grass
2. my church family and the comfort I feel there
3. good hair day ( I cut my own hair two days ago....and I like it)
4. slightly melted vanilla ice cream and Alicia Early's cheesecake
5. knowing what all my pals are doing because of status updates:)

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