May 15, 2009

Steamboat Arabia

Rick and I have another baby besides, Ryan, Ian and Gracie, T-bone.  He is such a good dog.  (I just wish that he didn't slobber)
Another picture of my flowers.  This has become a lil' hobby of mine for the last two weeks.  I wish that my flowers were as pretty as the pictures showed.  

I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS!!!  So I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning and the sky was dark and rumbling.  Last summer, Rick, I and the kids sat on the front porch and watched a lightning storm for probably a hour and a half.   We would talk until a bright lightning bolt would light up then sky, then continue to talk.  It was a special time to me, enjoying my family and the storm.
I'm torn, however, because Ryan has a baseball game in Brookfield, MO tonight.  I am so excited for baseball to begin.  It is my favorite sport by far!!!  I am also excited that we are going to eat afterwards with dear friends of ours.  

Not much on the agenda today.  I cleaned and mowed like a crazy lady yesterday.  The house is in pretty good shape.  I always wonder why we decided to mow 6 acres.   But when it is mowed, it looks so good.  In about six days, I will be complaining again.  ;)

I told you that I would post pictures of Ian's field trip the other day.  This is Ian at Penguin Park.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?
2/3 of the artifacts recovered are on display at the Arabia museum.  The other 1/3 is still being cleaned.  I believe I recall them saying that it will be another 15 years before the exhibit will be finished.  Most of the objects were dishes, boots, tools, etc.  I wish I could take a few things home to my kitchen. Here is the link to the official web-site.  I suggest you click on museum info, then click on the Arabia's video.  It's very interesting.  
The buttons in this picture are porcelain.  Wouldn't they make a fabulous scrapbook page.  Somehow, I doubt that they will let me buy them.

This is the original founder of the Steamboat Arabia, Bob Hawley.  

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