May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian!!!

I cannot wrap my brain around Ian being 11 years old.  It seems impossible that much time could have passed.  It seems like yesterday that I was at North Kansas City hospital anxiously waiting to hold him for the first time.  

Ian was breach until the morning I had him.  Rick was on call at the hospital and Ryan and I were home together.   In the night, I started having sharp pains.  I was sure that it was labor but I didn't bother Rick until 6:00 that morning.  The pain, we later found out, was Ian turning around.  I still wonder how a nearly 9 pound baby did a flip in the womb.  He did.....and boy did it hurt!!!  We realized that it had happened only just before heading to the operating room for a C-section.  (we had planned on that since he was breach).  They did a last minute ultrasound, and.....baata-bing, lil' Ian was head down, ready to enter the world the "proper" way.  
The feeling was a little bitter sweet.  I was prepared for a quick c-section.  Instead I was in labor until 5:30 that afternoon.  On the other hand, I was excited that I was going to deliver him.  There is something about that experience that is magical.  I guess it's the anticipation.  Or maybe we need a little work and pain to appreciate the result.  :}

Anywhoo, he was a healthy beautiful 8 lb. 15 oz. boy.  Chubby in all the right places.  So kissable and gorgeous.  When I first saw him, I remember being amazed at how different he looked than Ryan.  Even after the first day, I knew that he would resemble his Daddy.  Maybe that is why we have such a close bond.  Because he is so much like his Dad today.  He walks like him, talks like him and he is even as smart as him!!!  Thank goodness!!!

Well Ian Michael, I love you so very much.  You make my every day special.  I'm so thankful that God gave you to me because you are an incredible blessing.  I pray that I can raise you to be a good and Godly man.  You are well on your way.  Hugs and kisses from your momma (even if you don't like hugs and kisses).

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