August 5, 2011

Idol, Pools, and Hands.....oh my!

Our American Idol Live 2011 was a tremendous success!!!!!  I had very low expectations because I've never done anything like this before.  In the paperwork, they mentioned that we would only meet two of the top 12.  Because I am pessimistic by nature.  I figured it would be my very least favorites of the top 12.  You cannot imagine my surprise when ALL 12 OF THEM WERE THERE!  Seriously!!!!!

Rick and Pia

You will be glad to know that I didn't claw Pia's eyes out.  I wanted to..........but didn't!

Paul and I

You may also notice that all the pictures of my hubby with the pretty idols turned out crystal clear.  While the pictures of me with the handsome boys turned out fuzzy. 
I think Rick carefully planned this.  

My new boyfriend, Casey Abrams

Casey is one of my very favorites.  He rocks the bass!!!  He made Jack Black look cool!!!  ANNNDDDDD, he gave me TWO super duper hugs.  

Haley and Rick

Yet another crystal clear picture of Rick and Haley.

Scotty and I

Hummmm..... little fuzzy, don't ya think?  And what is happening with my lips.  Really Rick?  lol

On to other Smith news......
Our pool is nearing completion.  They still have to install the cover and the basketball goal.  I'm pretty sure the heater isn't hooked up yet either.  Oh yeah, it's only half full.  But besides all these things, it's almost done.  T-bone is going to have to stay away from it or I will blow a gasket.   It sure has been a hot summer for him.  The pond will have to remain his pool though.  

Our yard is such a mess.  It's embarrassing.  We have had track-hoes, bobcats, numerous trucks and tractors mauling it in the last two weeks.  

We have oodles and oodles of 'mators ripening in the garden!  Most of them have these crazy cracks in them though.  I'm not sure what causes that.  Probably lack of gardening skills.  Or it could be 100% neglect.  Either way, they still taste the same.  Delish!

This photo is also going to double as a photo of my hand in my photo challenge. 
I am going to wait to post pictures of the clouds because it's grey and overcast today.  I'm sure there are clouds up there, but I cannot see them.  It really wouldn't make a very nice photo.

I'm planning on doing a monster pool construction post.  It will take me a little bit, so please be patient with me.  I took one million and three pictures.  Some with my iphone and others with my camera.  I even shooed Gracie out the door a few times because I was too embarrassed to do it myself.  You know, with the workers there and all.  

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