August 19, 2011

Back to School

Rick and I sent the monkeys back to school.  

We have survived three mornings of 6:00 a.m. wake-ups.  So good!
I'm trying my hardest to digest having a sophmore......8th grader.......and a 4th grader.  Holey Moley, how in the world?  
I've decided to step up my maternal duties and make more breakfasts for the kiddos.  So far, I've made what I call "Popeye" eggs
Remember this guy?  I still cannot look at Popeye without thinking of Robin Williams

B&G (a no-fail).  By the way, I would rather unclog a toilet than clean up a skillet of cold gravy.  Just saying.

and good ole' bacon, eggs and biscuits.

On the first day of school I like getting pictures of the kiddos.  They, on the other hand, do not like getting pictures.  Well, maybe Gracie does, but the boys DO NOT!  They sigh.....the stomp their feet......they complain.....then they give me sour looks while I snap the picture.

I started saying strange things and talking in Chinese.  
They think their mom is a nerd.  
For the most part, I am.  
I cannot help it.  
I keep telling them when they have monkeys, they will become a nerd also.  It's the way God designed us.  

It's the 11th commandment.  Moses ran out of room on the tablet.

So, after a filling breakfast, I drove them down the driveway and waited for the bus.  I watched them get on and drive away.  
Then I had a little "woe is me" session because I missed them a little.  
Then I walked around the house and assessed all the work that had accumulated over the Summer.
Then I thought......"I can always start talking to Gus again........or myself". 

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