August 2, 2011

Photo Challenge

I found this on Pinterest and thought it might be fun to try.  
You know how I am, however.  If I miss a day or two, please don't be angry.
Please don't throw eggs.
Please don't take me out of the will.

I also found this 30 day challenge, I cannot for the life of me, decide which one to do.  
The type A part of me says......."The first one DOES say June and it is August"!
The type XYZ part of me says......"It has really nice swirly designs and pretty pastels (which are my fav.)"!

However, the second one lets me do whatever I please every fifth day.  I like doing whatever I please.  No one has EVER put in writing for me that I can do whatever I please!  EVER!

So.....I may do both.  

Tonight Rick and I have backstage passes to see the top 12 American Idol contestants.  They sent our VIP badges and book beforehand.  
Folks, I don't think I have ever been labeled VIP in my life.  
I may never take this badge off.

I'm really excited to see this guy.  Mostly because he sings well but also because he makes me laugh.

Rick wants to see this guy.  Probably because he sang the best version of "Uprising" that we have ever heard!  

We are promised to meet at least two of the contestants.  Please....please.....please, let it be them.
If we meet Pia, I'm going to either poke her eyes out (so she won't be so stinkin' pretty)..... or........
I'm going to poke Rick's eyes out (so he can't look at her).  
Just kidding!!!!   

Since both photo challenges ask for a self-portrait the first day, I didn't have to commit to one or the other until day 2.  

Rick always teases me because I tilt my head to the side when someone takes my picture.  Apparently, I even tilt it when I take one of myself.  lol

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