August 18, 2011

Tenderloin Challenge

Ian Smith
Kyle Ross
Lane Bonderer
Alex Kelly
Zach Foyt

An stuff your face, forget all your table manners, eat till' you vomit contest.  (sounds fun, huh?)

Our local grocery store (Hy-VEE)

The winner gets his/her meal for free, a coveted photo in the Hy-Vee hall of fame, and a t-shirt.  Other than that......I'm not sure why you would do this.

Let me explain.......Ian's birthday is May 19th.  This always falls on the last week of school.  The Smith's take their annual family vacation the day after school gets out.  Which means.........Ian's birthday party usually gets postponed.  :(  Ian also took a week vacation with his Grandma and Grandpa Smith to Washington D.C., then a middle school mission trip to Sedalia, MO, and lastly, he went to Nashville, TN with his confirmation class from church.  Needless to say, our middle child has been well traveled this summer.  So, it's now August and Ian is just now getting his party.  

1. You are given 30 minutes to consume all the food on your plate.
2. Your food will weight nearly five pounds.
3. You may remove only a few vegetables.
4. You vomit, your out!

Alex never really made it to far.  He took the "Mandy" approach, I will nibble and appear like I'm eating a bunch.  Meanwhile, watching everyone else make idiots of themselves".

I never figured out Lane's stragedy.  Mid-way through the contest, he piled 30 french fries on his sandwich ('cause it wasn't thick enough already).

Ian dove into the food with full force.  Ten minutes into the contest, he had all his fries gone and over half of his sandwich.  I started to think that this might be possible.  I would be such a proud mother of a food eating champion.  Once this occured to me, I started rooting him on.  "Come on Ian, you can do it"!  "Don't slow down Ian"!  "Eat baby, eat"!!!!!!!

With ten minutes left, Ian started making strange faces.  Faces that said, HOLY COW, I am miserable!  Some of his faces said, I may lose everything I've ate in the past 20 minutes.  Then other faces said, TAKE ME TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM,  STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle started making some of these faces too.  Although I hadn't ate a bite,  I wanted to vomit everytime I saw his plate.  It was more like five pounds of food and three pounds of ketchup.  Blech!

Lane and Zach are still smiling!  That's a good sign!

The water finally stopped washing down Ian's food.  He hit a brick wall.  No amount of belching could save him now.

Very attractive.......I'm so proud!

My cheering stopped working, there was no way he was going to take another bite.  As a matter of fact, he had the last bite in his mouth for five minutes.  I reduced myself to bribery.  I offered him money, I offered to take his trash duty for the next three times, and I believe I offered him cherry pie (that was probably not the best timing on my part).  He couldn't bring himself to swallow anything else.

I'm thankful that he is laughing........and not puking!

Before I left the grocery store, I bought trash bags for the ride home.  Just in case!

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