June 17, 2009

Pam and Macy playing put-put
Nate the Great.  Or Nater-Tator as I call him.

I went last Friday to visit with my family.   My cousin, Heather, kept the four older boys (Ryan, Ian, Colten, Trey).  While my Aunt Pam, Uncle Mike and I took the three little ones (Gracie, Nate, and Macy).  We had so much fun!!!  Our first stop was mini golfing.  Have you ever taken 7, 5, 3 year olds golfing?  Boy, let me tell ya, that was a treat.  The adults just "helped".  However, independence must run in the Howe veins, because none of them really wanted help.  As a matter of fact, we had kiddos running all over the course.  At one time, Nate was hitting fours holes in front of us!!!  Good thing the course was empty.  We considered the bumper boats but then decided, nah!
We then went shoe shopping and bought Gracie and Macy some super d-duper high heels.  Then let them prance around the city in them.  We got a few side-ways glances, but oh well.  To top it off, Gracie had on this glitsy sequined t-shirt.  She was stylin'.  Macy had Princess Leah side buns.  Diva city!!!!!!  Nater got St. Louis Cardinals sandals.  That's what he wanted and they had full rein over the shoes...... so, that's what he got.
We rode the carousel two times at Independence Center.  Nate and Gracie rode the "spin ya till you throw up" thing, and Macy and I rode an "up and down", as she said.  That girl is so stinkin' cute.  I seriously could take her home with me.  Josh and Leanna are having another soon, they wouldn't miss her, right?
So Saturday morning came and Pa and Grandma came down.  We went to a few garage sales (with the same three small children).  Needless to say, we have a few more smelly stuffed animals to get rid of now.  
In the pictures below, I let Macy have the camera.  She wanted to take pretty pictures.  So, here is the result.  I enjoyed them.  Thought you would too.

Macy's MaMa and PaPa
Macy's Bob-Bob  
Grandpa?  What kind of face is that?  Are you frightened?
I took over the camera for the mini-golf.  Gracie did very well.  We might have a pro on our hands.

My beautiful Boo-boo.

I love spending time with my family.  We talk to them often but it isn't the same as being together.  Sure wish that they would all pack up and move to Chillicothe!!

Tootles for today!!!!

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