June 22, 2009


There are times when the up-keep on our land is too much for me.  I complain about mowing the yard.  The patches were no grass will grow (yet it's too expensive to sod).   There is always something that could be done outside.  Right now, my flower gardens are begging to be weeded. Branches need trimmed, dead trees need chopped.  However, Gracie and I had a little one on one time the other day, and it made me thankful.  Thankful that I have this place to call ours.  Thankful that I can enjoy a little of God's blessings right outside my front door.
So, I thought that I would start the pictures with my favorite place on the property.  This is a short path to our bottom ground.  The trees drape over the path and connect each other on both sides.  It is shady on even the sunniest of days.  
There is a shallow, rocky creek in our bottoms.  You can hop across the entire width by using the large boulders.  I took a friend's sons senior pictures here and it's gorgeous!!!  
A shot of the creek.  Someday....I want to clear the old, dead debris.  I think this would be a wonderful "thinking" spot.  
I imagine that fairies and trolls come out of hiding at dusk here.  Don't you?
I wish that this spook had stayed in hiding.  Gracie and I found him underneath Rick's old John boat.  Why in the world would I lift that up?  I was asking for a fright, I guess?  I have probably mentioned that I HATE, HATE, HATE snakes.  I put Ryan on snake patrol after I found three in one day!!  When he told me that he killed one, it made me a little sad.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!  So, I told him,  "I don't mind if you kill them, just don't tell me about it from now on."

Strangely, I don't mind frogs or turtles.  We found Mr. Toad and we decided that we better be nice to him.  He may be Gracie's future Prince Charming after all.  

So, I'm off to take Ian to church camp.  I'm a little worried, as always.  I'm going to miss him terribly.  He doesn't come home until Saturday.  It seems like such a long time.  But I know that he will form many great memories.  Hopefully he will come home a little closer to the Lord.  If you are reading this, please keep him in your prayers this week.  

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