June 29, 2009

It's movie time

I noticed many upcoming movie trailers when I went to see UP with the kiddos.  Namely, Toy Story 3 (in 3-D, I might add).  I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen the original Toy Story.  When Ryan was young, 2-ish, we would watch Toy Story twice a day.  "Say goodbye to the wife and tator-tots."  Ryan thought that he WAS Buzz Lightyear and he would occasionally dive off the end of the couch.  How we survived without stitches, I'm not sure.  

If life was make-believe and I could pick a movie to live "in".  It would be a very close tie between Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.  On one hand, flying would be super-duper cool, but so would this tea party.  I'm sure glad that I don't have to choose.

I'm so pumped for this movie to come out.  I read Alice in Wonderland to the kiddos when they were younger.  I have enjoyed the Disney version of it since I was young.  This will be a DVD purchase when it comes out!!!  (Besides the obvious, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway are the bomb)  Click on the link I have posted.  The stills from the movie are AMAZING.  It is going to be a must-see!!!

Friday night we ate with Rick's office staff.  It was a place called Railroad cafe in Brunswick, MO.  It was "OK".  Nothing to write home about.  We visited with Rick's nurse, Jena and her husband afterwards.  They live in Brunswick and they invited us to see their home.  

We had company this weekend.  Rick's Mom, Dad, his sister, Melinda and our niece, Allie, came over.  We ate dinner, jumped on the trampoline, sat on the deck... basically just "hung" out.  It was nice to have an evening where we weren't running or working.  

Sunday was a completely different story.  We worked on our deck from the time we woke up till sundown.  Such a grueling job.  The sad part is, it's only half done.  I get to begin sealing it today.  Not cool!!!!!  I will be so stinkin glad when that is done.  You have no idea!!!!!  We should have done it last year.  But for one reason and the other, it didn't happen.  I will post pictures of it when it is finished.  I am hoping that will be this week.  I am noticing that our calendars aren't as full as they were a month ago.  I'm VERY happy about that!!!!  :))

Ta Ta For Now.

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  1. You're excited about the new 'Alice in Wonderland' movie? Johnny Depp looks so amazingly creepy in that movie... I just don't know that I could handle watching that, haha.

    Did you know that that story is a complex mathematical equation?