November 14, 2011

Antlers and Buzzers

It's hunting season!!!!
That means..... I have camo EVERYWHERE!  
I get woke up before the sun so my hunters can head to the woods.
I am told countless stories of squirrels, turkey and deer!

This is Gracie's very first deer.  
I am officially the only non-hunter in the family now.

This is Ryan's deer.  I wasn't there to get pictures, so we will have to settle for this cell phone pic.  

Basketball season has also started and I'm thankful that we have now moved to an indoor bleacher.  The football games and fall baseball bleachers were starting to get a little cold for my taste.

I am waist high in Christmas decorations.  
My house is trashed! 
 My toe has a boo-boo from my trashed house!
I've been listening to Christmas music and I'm not ashamed!

I'm really not!  

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