November 4, 2011

Pop Star Wanna Be

I'm a Bakerella fan through and through.  I stalk her blog, order her cookbooks, and now I.....
make cake pops!!!!
She is the queen momma of cake on a stick.....and for that......I'll be forever in her debt!


These are just a few of her many creations.  
I wonder what it feels like to be so talented?  I wonder if she looks in the mirror and says, "yup, you're da bomb of sugar."?


She also makes other things like, brownies, cheesecakes, muffins, cookies, and these super photographic gummies.

So how does this apply to the "mommyofthree"?  
I wanted to do something special for the Hornet football team.  They made it to the play-offs and we were having a small celebration for them.  (which means, lots of food in teenager talk!)  In planning the celebration, I blurted out, "I will make cake pops"!  Then before I could retract my statement, everyone was cheering for me.  They were smiling......and nodding their heads in agreement.  They were patting me on the back and clapping their hands!  
OK, not really, but I did say it loud enough that everyone heard me.  And because I am a wanna-be Martha Stewart, I could not let them down.

It took me nearly a full day to make 60 of them.  
I destroyed two of them (then ate them).
So technically, there were 58.

I am not Bakerella! 
But I tried.

I'm sure that I'm not going to end up on her "Pop Stars" page with these cake pops.
I'm going to keep trying though.
It is basketball season now, you know?

Ohh.....Snowman cake pops!
and elf cake pops!
and present cake pops!
It's endless guys!

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