November 14, 2011

Puss in Boots (Gracie Style)

My dear sweet barn kittens have been reduced to dress-up dolls for my daughter and her friends.
I intended for them to catch unwanted barn critters.  
Their intentions were somewhat different.
They have had a small taste of heating and air conditioning and decided that was the life for them.

I'm positive that this WAS NOT what they had in mind!

It seems like a perfect math equation........
kitty cats + American Girl doll clothes + two 10 year old girls = DRESS UP!!!!!

Our ever loyal felines took one for the team and allowed this humiliation upon themselves.

Landing on all fours seemed to be a little difficult with chaps and a tube top.

Please pardon the tail.  It's a little tricky managing to keep your dignity in this position.

Yup, the tail is still there people!!!!

Does the song, "These Boots Were Made For Walking", come to mind?

Would you believe that these kitties purred the entire time this was happening? 

It takes the story, "Puss in Boots" to a whole new level, doesn't it?

I am thankful that Mouser #1 and Mouser #2 are finally serving a purpose around Rocky Ridge Farm.  It isn't really what I had in mind, but it'll do I suppose.  From now on, I will never be able to purchase doll clothing without thinking of our kitties.  

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