December 8, 2011

Tis the Season........

Long story.....made short!  
Ryan played in the very first Varsity game.  It was the first quarter, he made the first team points with a basket.  He rebounded..........he blocked.......then he got hurt!  He was laying on the court and I jumped into "Momma Mode".  I was elbowing Rick to go out there.  I was scowling at him because he kept saying, "Give him a minute"!  Well a minute felt like 400 minutes to me.  Daddy went out on the court (so I wouldn't bruise his ribs with my elbow jabs).  
It was a sprain.  Nothing that is going to halt his High School sports career.  It did, however, require two days of crutches, two different types of ankle braces, physical therapy for a week, and lots of Advil.  

Poor E-man is having his own case of bad luck.  As of today, they have not won a single game.   They play tonight and I hope God will look down on them with favor.  I like this picture of Ian.  He makes the funniest facial expressions while he's playing.  Glad I got this one captured!!!

Just to prove that he is a handsome young man, I also included this one.  He has had a haircut since this picture and he now looks like a young Matt Damon (wink ;) )

I've also painted a wall mural on paper for Ryan's 4th hour class.  The high school has a hallway contest every Christmas.  The winner gets a pizza party.  

The theme for our hall was, "The Grinch That Stole Christmas".  This Grinch costume was actually one that Rick wore during the holiday parade one year.  Ryan's 4th hour class is Health and it is in the Science room.  Therefore, we placed the costume on Bones, the class skeleton.  Genious, I think!!!!

What is Who-ville without a Who tree?

And this is a very small portion of the mural.  

Now I am drowning in wooden basketballs that need to be completed.
Basketball games every single night.
Gracie's Oompa Loompa practice and
a 5th grade Christmas concert that her Stingers group is singing in.

I haven't found a mother of three who isn't busy, but it's sometimes overwhelming.

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