December 19, 2011

Holiday Happenings

 I've been busy painting signs for 30+ freshman-varsity basketball boys.

Ian finished the last science fair project in his lifetime.  He got a 63.5 out of 60 points.  Not too shabby.

Gracie and Ian worked most of the afternoon Sunday filling their quarter books.  

Buddy and Bridgette, our house elves, have been as mischieveous as ever.  Here they are hiding behind lincoln log/wooden block forts and having a marshmallow fight!

The house looks "Christmas-sy".  

Gus and Congo.......lazy as ever!!!!!

Gracie sang in a Christmas concert with her Stingers group.  I was impressed!  They did an amazing job!  

That about catches me up.  

Hope to be better about blogging after the first of the year.  
I have more monkeys than adults in my house.  That makes life a little bananas!!!

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