September 27, 2011

Brains, Heart, and Courage

Last Friday was Chillicothe's Homecoming.  
That means much more to me than it used to.   I have a high school football player now.  It also means that I'm in a group called "football moms".  We painted business windows with our kid names.  We tied ribbons on every single car's antennae at the high school Friday morning.  Approximately 8,938,924 of them.  If they didn't have antennas, we tied them on the wiper blades.  I came across one car that had neither wipers or an antennae.   We make desserts for Thursday night team dinners.  We give the boys treats for the bus ride on away games and we ride on floats during the 
Homecoming parade.  

Then on Friday evening.....
I planted my hiney on a stadium bleacher, alongside my hubby.  Ryan usually plays in the J.V. games and we were flabbergasted when he didn't run out with them.  What Rick didn't know.......what I didn't know......what Ryan didn't know until moments before, was that he was starting his first Varsity game!  


My pulse quickened.
I couldn't feel my limbs.
I started to sweat.
I thought my head might explode!

There is my boy.  You see that guy running across the field?  He's my son.  #84.........I am his mother!

His name was announced overhead and I sort-of remember it, but it all seems a little fuzzy now.  I do recall them saying something like this.........
A sophomore, playing end...............RYAN SMITH!!!!!!!!

Then the Hornets swarmed into a huddle.  (you get it?  Swarmed.......the Hornets swarmed.  Oh forget it.)

Then the dance squad walked onto the field and did the cutest rendition of "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead" I've ever heard.   Are you noticing our Homecoming theme yet?  

Then, before I could catch my breath, they were lining up on the field.
I said several quick prayers.  Something about protecting him, blessing him and guiding him.  Again, my brain still was not clicking on all cylinders.  

I always know where my boys are on the field.  Both Ryan and Ian stand at least a head taller than everyone else.  So, I scan their helmets.  The one that sticks up above the others is usually my kid.  Even though I cannot see his number in this picture, I still know exactly where he is.  It's convenient.

And that would be Ryan before 2,000 pounds of boy pounced on him.
(sure glad I prayed)

He gets his facial expressions from his father.


Put 'em up, put 'em up!  Which one of you first?  I'll fight you both together if you want.

I'll fight you with one paw tied behind my back.  I'll fight you standing on one foot.

I'll fight you with my eyes closed.

Ohh, pullin' an axe on me, 'eh?  Sneaking up on me, 'eh?

Ryan, I know you don't read this blog.  It embarrasses you, I'm sure.  But in case you ever do, I want you to know that this was one of my proudest moments.   Your dad was just as proud, if not more.  We were both running on 100% adrenaline.   
You are not just an amazing athlete, your a kind young man.  You're smart and I simply cannot tell you how much I love you.  I know that I'm impatient with you sometimes.  I understand that I'm overprotective and annoying.  It's just because I KNOW I will have more proud moments like this one.  I also know that it won't always include a ball.  

You have a heart like the Tin-man....
You have brains like the Scarecrow....
You have courage like the Lion......

and I love you.

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  1. I feel like crying, because my only football player graduated last year. The 6 years he played did not seem to fly by, that is, until now. I love this season of our lives, surrounded by kids and their activities! (LOVE the Wizard of Oz homecoming theme!!!)