September 8, 2011

Football and Friends

As of today, Chillicothe Varsity and Jr. Varsity Hornets are undefeated!  Yeah!  We have a really tough game tomorrow night in Smithville, but it has been lots of fun watching them.  Ryan started his first JV game on the 29th.  I nearly passed out when he caught the very first touchdown pass.  Seriously people...... I felt light-headed and woozy!  It was a good woozy though!  I'm a crazy person!

My red-head ran his first Varsity play two Fridays ago.  Everything seemed different when you are watching the game as a parent instead of a fan.  I noticed that visiting with friends was not an option.  In the years past, I hardly remembered watching at all.  It was social hour.  Now the game makes my heart thump.  It makes my pulse speed up.  It makes my stomach turn into knots.  It makes me want to shout obscenities at the opposite team (I refrained).  

Thank goodness #84 lined up on my side.  

It seems like I just jumped into our new pool.  Now we are talking about closing it up.  The temperatures have dived into the 70's this week (which feels wonderful), but it means chilly whilly water.  I let each of the monkeys have a friend over last weekend.  They all swam in the pool together.  It was sort of our last hurrah.  

Gracie has been BFF with Magy since, well, a long time.  They make many many phone calls to each other, take turns spending the night at each other's houses, and play with each other at recess.  What a pair!

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