July 29, 2011

Trying to keep up.

I'm sitting in the car (with my bun warmer on) waiting on Ian. Now that Ryan has his license, idling in the car has been cut in half. This is good news and bad news.

Good: I waste less time and get more accomplished!

Bad: I don't get to slow down as much anymore (EVER!)

I'm not quite sure what has happened lately with me and blogging. I started dreading it. The further I fell behind....the more of a burden it became. I was used to writing three times a week. Now I'm doing well if I write a post a month. Many things have contributed to this. If I ever get the courage to put it into writing....someday, I may share.

For now though....I found a new way to stay in touch.

Its going to take a little getting used to. But it's better than nothing, I suppose?

T-bone hadn't been himself lately. I will spare you his symptoms because they are not proper for a lady to discuss. He's a senior citizen on Rocky Ridge Farm. With age often comes a few medical set-backs. His has come in the form of kidney stones that are sitting on the base of his bladder.
So I get to carefully place 6 mammoth horse pills in a slice of Kraft cheese and lather them in peanut butter.

This is what Gus does the majority of the time. See friends...not much changes around my house. We all do the same things over and over again.

.....and because I got distracted one day while making my bed.

We went to more physical therapy last month than all of my 30+ years combined!
This largish ankle injury was the result of an unwrapped ankle and a basketball.
Dang basketballs! Dang ankles!

Remember when I mentioned o was sitting in the car waiting for Ian. How ironic that I'm at physical therapy with him now. Again...a basketball injury his is a strained calf muscle.

We have caught our pasture on fire while burning trash. That was an interesting day. Thank goodness we have kind neighbors.

I'm decorating for Spring and I recently painted the master bath.

I watched my red-head's Varsity basketball team make it to the Championship District game. They lost....but it sure was a wild ride.

Last...but not least for today...is a picture that makes me so proud! Ladies....you jealous?

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