July 6, 2011

4th = happy face

I'm sitting at my computer, doing a little thinking.
That is usually a frightening thought, but today, it's just kinda nice!
I'm thinking about my family (that I adore)
I'm thinking about Ryan's ball game that I'm going to tonight.
I'm thinking about Rick and I's 18th wedding anniversary that we celebrated on the 3rd.
I'm thinking about the pool that we put a deposit on last Saturday.
I'm thinking that I picked my first ripe tomato out of my garden this morning.

Life is good, ya know?

We enjoyed tons of fireworks last weekend.  Some may not have been legal in 49 states, but who's keeping track?

We laughed, ate, ate, and ate some more!

We snuggled with the little people!

Then shot some paintballs at each other!

I found a lily pad on the pond while the family was fishing.  I thought it was appropriate that there was a happy face on one!  

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