June 29, 2011

We Are Psyco!!!!!

I've made a list.......... and I'm checking things off!!!!

You know, stuff like..... clean the windows, change burnt out light bulbs and re-pot houseplants.   Things that are easy to put off.  I'm considering patting myself on the back because I dusted my bedroom ceiling fan the other day.  

I go 90 to nothing 99% of the time and things like these go on the back burner.

So, I miss this little blog.  I miss spilling my guts.  

It's important to me to keep record of things.  I'm a historian, a family historian, a crazy-person who wants to keep track of all the psyco things that happen around this place.  For the record, the psyco things happen daily.  

Sometimes the psyco things are funny....
Sometimes they are strange......
Sometimes they can be exhasting......
and other times, they are downright gross!!!

But it's OUR psyco, and I love it!!!

This psyco hummingbird bangs on the window 50,004 times a day.  He has brain damage!  

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