June 15, 2011

Jamaica (part 2)

When you stay on a beach in Jamaica, it's RARELY quiet.  Between the reggae music, vendors selling shells, Cuban cigars, rolling papers, cigarettes, women offering massages and hair braiding and then the occasional individual selling woven bracelets.   Then you have four or five current hit songs on a loop from America blasted out of speakers in the water park.  I never want to hear Britany Spears "Till the World Ends" again!!!!  

I'm not really complaining guys, I was on the beach, drinking fruity drinks, with sand on my toes.  How could I complain?

Our first full day, a woman named Angela offered hair braiding to Gracie and I.  I respectfully declined but Gracie jumped at the chance.

Gracie picked out her beads......

Then sat through 30 minutes of torture.  She is a little tender-headed and apparently tight small braids hurt.  Based on her facial expressions, it REALLY hurt!

She is reconsidering her choice to have braids at this point!  

The Smith's (minus mommy)

A sailboat had an unfortunate accident less than a year ago on our beach.  Based on what we heard, it was a 40ft boat that was caught in a storm.  It sank in a bad way!  Not only did it sink, the sand nearly buried it.  So the owners of Beaches/Sandals are responsible for dredging up the boat.  In the process, hundreds (probably thousands) of shells are getting caught in the wreckage.  That, my friends, was fortunate for us.  Because we came home with a mother load of awesome shells.  We found so many that  we were offering the ones we weren't as fond of to other children.  JACKPOT!!!!  I have a strange condition called shell-itis.  If I'm on a beach and do not find shells, it's not pretty!!!  I may not be a deer hunter........a turkey hunter.......or a crocodile hunter, but I AM A SHELL HUNTER!!!!

I told the kids and hubby to pick out their favorite so I could take their picture.  Ryan added a little bit of drama to his pic.

Gracie cracked me up.  We found shells as big as our heads.  Perfectly formed pink shells.  Shells with no slime, no grime and most importantly, no chips.  
My friends, Gracie's favorite shell was this itsy bitsy one.  The shell that had no outer layer because it was busted.  I love you Gracie!!!

Eee's favorite

Legal drinking age in Jamaica is 18.  Since Ian is 6'1" and over 200 pounds, he looks like he's 18.  We had to tell the bar tenders more than once that he CANNOT HAVE RUM!

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