April 13, 2011

Youth Turkey Season

Ryan and the hubs went out in the woods on the first morning of turkey youth season.  
This is what they came home with......

A 22 pounder! 
As far as dead turkeys go, it was a beauty!  

I was proud of my men.
Proud that they do this together.
Proud that they WANT to do this together.

Taking photographs of their plunder is a little tradition.  
You know, so our future generations do not doubt the manliness of their heritage.

In 40 years we will have robots shoot our game for us.  So, this is proof that we did it the old fashioned way.  
You know, with scopes, high powered shotguns, replica turkeys, etc..  Roughin' it, of course!

Good job Rhino!
Good job Dad!
Good job Mr. Dead Turkey!

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