April 12, 2011

Ian's Confirmation

Last Sunday, Ian joined our church.  After 13 weeks of classes, a weekend confirmation trip and several after church lunches...... he was confirmed.  

I am proud of him, I am proud of his peers.  I have watched them all grow up.  They went to pre-school together, shared recesses and sporting events.  Rick and I have taught them in Sunday School and I have sat with them in youth groups and mission trips.  It's hard to not be proud, right?

This is our youth pastor, Kendra.  She teasingly calls the 7th grade boys, puppies.  If you have ever been around 7th grade boys, you will probably understand her reasoning.  This picture is a prime example!!!

Congratulations Ian Michael!  Congratulations Brett Matthew (on the left), Lane Christopher (in the green and blue) and Kyle Hadley Marion (in the white)!

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