February 8, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Rick and I are still trying to recoop after a short little trip to Vegas.  The laundry didn't do itself while I was gone ( I always wonder if it will for some reason ).  
We had a grand time together.  I always think it's important for Rick and I to do things that do not involve bouncing a ball, kicking a ball, throwing a ball or hitting a ball.

We stayed at the Plazzo, which is attached and co-owned by the Venetian.  Our room was spacious and comfy.  We were 44 floors up and overlooked the Wynn, a golf course and lots of twinkling lights.  It was so pretty at night.  

It wasn't too shabby by day either.
 We did lots of walking, shopping, eating, visiting and people watching.  There are some strange specimens that crawl out of the woodwork  (especially at night).  Lordy bees, some of these folk were a card short of a full deck!!!
February 3rd was the first day of the Chinese New Year.  2011 is the year of the rabbit.  Therefore, this was in a foyer of our hotel. 
It's a 16 foot, one thousand pound, animated rabbit.  

 I made Rick pay $50.00 in cab fees to go to Pawn Stars for three reasons.  

#1. I wanted to see if Chumlee really is as dumb as he appears.
#2. I wanted to take a picture of Chumlee and I together.  

#3. I wanted to make Rick jealous with my strange fascination with Chumlee.  

Didn't work!!!

This Evel Knievel pinball machine was tucked away in the back of the store.  It had a sign on the top that said "To be seen on Pawn Stars".  
 We walked past Dick Butkus and snapped a picture with our camera phones.
 I shared a laugh or two with my buddy Harrison.  
 Then Joe and I went to dinner and a movie.

 We went to see Cirque De Soleil's "Beatles Love".  It was amazing!  
The soundtrack is available on itunes starting today.  

I'm glad to be home.  Well........ except for the laundry.

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  1. My brother and his wife just got back from Vegas too! I think it's hilarious that you went to Pawn Stars--and my kids do too! Glad you had a fun trip.