January 18, 2011

The Monkeys vs. Play-doh

Because my trusty Mac has been a little fickle lately, and because I'm (as usual these days) short on time, will make this post heavy on pictures and short on words.

I suppose that lightning fast internet speeds is something I gave up when we built on rockyridgefarm.  I'm crossing my fingers and wishing on shooting stars that someone gives us another alternative.  So far, there are no takers.

Enough whining, right?

I have been taking photos of the closet progress.  You might be surprised to know that I plan on showing before photos?  You might be surprised to know that I did a "little" tidying before the photos?  They will be very near to accurate.  For instance, you will see lots of clutter.  But you may not see the bra that I hung up to dry.  Just saying.

I considered showing you daily progress but later decided that I wasn't courageous enough.  I cannot allow the before images to linger in your mind all week.  So, I shall do an entire post (beginning to end) when it's completed.  Which, again crossing my fingers and wishing on shooting stars, will be sometime tomorrow....... or Friday.  In the event that Friday is the day of completion, I won't be showing you photos until Tuesday.  (because this momma is taking a GIRL ONLY three day weekend!!!!!!  Eeeeeek!)

Until then, I wanted to leave you with a few photos I took yesterday afternoon.  It was Martin Luther King's birthday and the monkeys didn't have school.  Which turned out to be a good thing since my red-headed monkey came down with a fever.  He layed on the couch most of the day.  Coughing and contaminating my throw pillows, my throw blankets, and my remote controls (which I never hold anyway).
Ian, Gracie and I had a little play-doh time.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We made creatures and pretend food.  Any day is good when there is play-doh involved.

In case you were wondering........ it's pizza!  Play-doh pizza, yum!
a doughnut

I may (or may not) have created this little goblin fairy myself.  He said "NO" when I asked him to clean the house.  You wanna know what I did to that goblin fairy.  Well...... you probably don't!

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