January 10, 2011

Lazy days!!!

 I played nurse to a sick baby all weekend.  Then sanitized everything.
 I've been mothering this wee mustard plant for three weeks.  Gracie brought it home from school before Christmas break.  I cannot say that I'm a master grower, nevertheless, it's not brown and wilted.  So I say, job accomplished.  Now I can toss it?
Rick cleaned his muzzle loaders Saturday morning while I put supper in the crock-pot.
Two matriarchs from church commented on how much the boys had grown recently.  Even with two inch heels on, they tower over me.  So, we decided to break the ole' measuring tape out.  
Ian stands stiff as a board and measures 6 foot tall.  12 years old and 6 foot!!!!
Ryan puffs out his chest and holds his breath for every centimeter he can get.  6 foot 2 is what the tape says.  Ryan argues that he has to be taller than that.  Six one way, half dozen another, he's a tall 14 year old boy.
I've been feeding the birds.  Surprisingly, I'm loving it.  These little creatures are fierce!  They claw, dive, and bite each other to get every last kernel of seed.  

 Congo, sits dreamily watching them.  I know that he is wishing he could unleash his pouncing skills on my feathered friends.

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