January 4, 2011

Holiday recap

This morning was our "official" end of holiday break as the monkeys went back to school.  We did get an extra 45 minutes of sleep because Mandy  some moron forgot to set the alarm the night before.  It's always a frenzied and chaotic event when I do this.  Even Ryan jumped out of bed a little faster this morning.  In todays case, it meant I had to hand deliver the kiddos to their respected schools, instead of bus #13 doing it.   That really is a high price to pay for not pushing a button the night before.  It did not help that I developed a GUSHING nose bleed at a 4-way stop in town (with no kleen-xes in sight and gagging kids who were more worried about not vomiting, than helping me).  Thank goodness for a Burger King napkin that I waded up and stuck in my nose.  I glanced in the rear view mirror and took in quite a sight.
1. Firstly, no make-up
2. Blood smeared clear across my chin and cheek
3. Then a white napkin sticking out of my nose

Little embarrasing!

Anywhoo, I thought you might like a recap of Christmas 2010.  The intakes....... the out-takes...... the what in the world takes!!!!!
 Our first snow of the winter.  Gus is pretty much anti-snow.  He potties, then runs as fast as he can to get to the porch.
 The boys each got a Nerf gun for Christmas.  Yeah!!!!  (note sarcasm)  Nerf bullets are my foe!!!
 Rick once again lead us in 7 nights of devotion ("What God Wants for Christmas").  Then on Christmas Eve, he read "The Night Before Christmas" just as he has for 14 years straight.
 I bought two gingerbread house kits for the kiddos to assemble.  Ian tackled the main construction on one house, while Ryan and Gracie built the other.  Notice the depth of concentration on Ian's face, then the complete boredom on Gracie's.
 I'm already noticing a slight tilt to Ian's house. 
Then Ian discovers the icing is sweet and yummy and delish.
 Angus, who is highly aware of someone enjoying food, decides to assume the position, which means:
1. sad face
2. unwavering gaze at the person enjoying the food
3. then a quiet grrrrrrrr)
Ian then gives up on any hope of an architectural masterpiece and implements plan #2.....
 I'm not sure if he is proud of the mess or warding off the paparazzi.
 Ryan and Gracie's Gingerbread house
and Ian's gingerbread house. 

Gracie was able to see Santa at Rick's office.  She was amazed that he knew exactly what she wanted before she told him.  Santa is so cool.  
 I'm crossing my fingers that I get one more year of "Santa belief" out of her.  

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