January 13, 2011

Brace Face No More

Has it seriously been two years since Ryan had his braces put on?  Really?  Two years!  
Holy Moley, where in the world does the time go?
 If I didn't have it in writing, I never would have believed that he got them on February 12th, 2009.  The original post is here.  
 Naturally, if I recorded the beginning of the braces........ by all means, I MUST record the ending.
 So, we had a little party in the small dentist patient room.  
Ryan attended, of course, Gracie and her BFF, Magy Thomas (They were out of school with their second snow day.), and myself (and my handy dandy camera).
She removed the braces, polished the teeth, sanded the teeth (to get the leftover residue from the brace concrete off), then made molds for his temporary and permanent retainers.
.....and voila!!!!!!!  A beautiful, beautiful straight set of canines!!

Feb. 12th 2009        and     Jan. 12th 2011
We got whitening gel to place in the temporary retainers for two weeks.  This will make his mouth sparkle. 
Then, our super-de-duper dentist will repair a couple chips.  An early childhood skateboarding accident caused the chips (ahem).  Of course, this wasn't your typical skateboarding accident!  This is Ryan we are talking about!  He was riding the skateboard down a small concrete hill ON HIS BELLY!  Then he hit a rock (or a divet, we aren't quite sure)  Are you getting the idea?  He was riding sorta surfboard style.  Like, before you stand up on a surfboard!  Not that I am talented enough to ride a surfboard on my belly or standing up!  Where in the world am I going with this!!!!!!

Long story short!  

His mouth has caused us upset since he cut his first baby tooth.  


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