January 28, 2011

13 Confessions

My dearest readers (also known as my family and a few friends),
I am delighted to report, because of my apparent boredom of house cleaning and laundry, I have a top 13 confessions list for you.

They are random, slightly psychotic, and one is slightly embarrassing.

Without further ado..............

1. I love the smell of lit wooden matches!

2. I read cookbooks and cooking magazines like I do a book.  

3. I never get tired of listening to "Black Eyed Peas", "Lady Gaga" and "Pink".  I shamefully admit that "Britany Spears" should have been on that list.

4. I eat lemons like I do an apple.

5. As a child I had a cow named Betsy (Who we rode with only a halter..... and she didn't seem to mind.  Although the halter served no purpose because she went where she wanted.
   I also had a pig name Lulabelle (Who we also rode, albeit she was not as understanding as Betsy, and HIGHLY disliked it).

6. When I was young (really young) I wanted a pet monkey, a robot, and a iron horse.  Now I'm grown, and all I want is a nap.

7. I drink ENTIRELY too much Coke Zero!!!!

8. I believe in shopping etiquette.  Don't stand in the middle of the isle people!!!  
Don't wear bathing suits, tank tops without bras, or Daisy Dukes to Wal-mart.
Return the carts to the corral!!!  Let me repeat!!!  Return your carts to the corral!!!

9. This time next week, I will be strolling on the strip in Vegas with my man.

10.My new favorite colors are mint, pink, cream and white.  (note: my favorite colors change often.  As a matter of fact, I'm really enjoying grey, white, and pink now.

11.I liked owls before owls were cool!!!  I'm slightly miffed that everyone else has to copy me. (lol)
I own four owl necklaces, one owl ring, lots of owl ornaments, and  I even read owl books.

12.I get the hiccups when I eat dry bread.

13.I'm excited about the new "Smurf" movie.  Like..... really excited!  Like.... I used to pretend I was Smurf-ette.  Like.... Papa Smurf was my hero!
La La Lalalala La La La La La!

Before I leave, I thought I would show a snippet of Ryan's game last night.  This was captured on my cell phone (so the quality isn't wonderful).  I was FLOORED to see the lack of sportsmanship in our opponents fans.  Calling our players names, screaming at the top of their lungs when we got the ball, elbowing and jabbing our players when the ref wasn't looking.  It was revolting and I was mad as a hornet (no pun intended).  The Hornets are in red.  The Excelsior Springs Tigers are in white.  So sickening!!!

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