November 25, 2010

Thankful for........................

Well friends, I certainly feel thankful today.  That almost seems wrong considering the sadness our family has endured this year.  The loss of Tegan and Uncle Mike just over three months ago, has rocked our family.  
There are good moments, the times when you have a funny memory.  Then, there are sad times.  I would be lying through my teeth if I told you that I didn't have my fair share of them.  
We carry on though.  
We think of the promises that the Lord has told us.  Promises of reuniting in eternity (and boy-o-boy does that sound wonderful!)  God has been gracious despite our loss.  He's been with us through every up and down (even if we question what he's doing to us..... for crying out loud!!!!!)  
Then I remember He is better to us than I am capable of being to Him.  He has brought our family together in a way that only He could do.  Including, reuniting us with Jeremy.  Whom, I wondered at one time, if I'd every meet.  Perfect timing on the Lord's part, I would say.  
So, I've decided to compile a short list of things that I'm thankful for.  My blessings are abundant, my joys are numerous, and "my love's" keep my heart full.
1. I'm thankful that I wake up beside my best friend every night.  I'm thankful that our relationship is my most treasured.
2. I'm thankful that my children are healthy, smart and (mostly) well-behaved.  
3. I'm thankful for my husband's job (even if I do complain about the long hours).  
4. I'm thankful for my friendships (and I'm also thankful that many of them are relatives).  I have a long, long list of acquaintances, but a short list of "true" friends.  They are priceless to me.  
5. I'm thankful that I have food in my fridge every day.  Rick and Ryan's Haiti trip has enlightened me.  We are very, very blessed!!!!
6. I'm thankful for music, blogging, crafting, reading, cooking and photography.  These are the hobbies that balance and calm me.  
7. I'm thankful for "I love you's" from Gracie, "thank you's" from Ian, and "Can I's" from Ryan.
8. I'm thankful for Gus (even when he is passing gas and snoring like a jet)
9. I'm thankful for technology.   

10. I was going to say that I was thankful deer season is over, but Rick just informed me that it is now muzzle loader season.  Awesome (note the sarcasm)!!!!!
11. I'm thankful that for 10 months, I still have one child whos age is in the single digits.  Teenagers make me feel achingly old.  Achingly, despicably, insanely, stinking old!!!! (Not sure if insanely is even a word.  Not sure that I care!!!!)
12. I'm thankful for "Storm Chasers", "American Idol", "Grey's Anatomy" and "24".  

13. I'm thankful for my DVR because I'm never home when the forementioned programs are on.
14. I'm thankful for Lexapro.  (yeah....... not really kidding about this one!!!!)
15. If you love me enough to read this silly blog, then I'm thankful for YOU!!!!!
p.s. I'm also thankful for my friend/mentee/boot-wearin', Cornbread.  Who is one day going to China with me to shop for cupcakes.  All the while, using our ninja/pig latin skills.

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