November 6, 2010

Horses + Fashion = Love

 Since Gracie has been old enough to tell us, she's loved horses.  She now does a horse impression that grown-ups at church PAY HER TO DO.  Yeah, you read that right.  My daughter is now for hire!  For 50 cents, she will whinney her heart out.

Since Daddy votes NO on real horses, we have always indulged her with the plush or plastic type.  (the ones that don't buck you or need to be fed)
 While cleaning her room yesterday, I came upon this sight.  Then I understood how smart my little girl is.  She is combining her love for equine and fashion.  These boots are actually meant for her American Girl, Lanie.  However, as the saying goes............"If the Boot Fits".......... or is it shoe?

I also want to mention the detail Gracie added to the tail.  Stunning!!!!!!!!  Sorry about the shot of the horses' #@%.

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