November 15, 2010

Cursing Coaches

 Ian was invited to play for a team based out of Belton, MO.  
 I'm not sure what I expected.  I guess I figured football is football.  Wouldn't be much different from we were used to in Chillicothe.  WRONG!!!!
 These teams had mascots!!!!!!!!!
And security!!!!!!!!  Not only did they HAVE security...... they needed security.

These teams had psycho fans.  Cursing coaches and players!!!  And no one thought that it was strange but me.  My first red flag was when Ian was told to take the field on defense.  The coach calmly approached my baby.  Grabbed his jersey with two fists!!!!  Shook him!!!!  Then screamed, "Get P-ed off out there, get really P-ed off!"  Zoink.  That probably wasn't the best move on the coaches part because it stunned Ian.  He stood there with his arms dangling, mouth hanging wide open, and eyes as big as saucers.  

I was on "momma alert".  Any sudden moves on the coaches part and I was going over that fence.  

You see, most of Chillicothe's coaches are involved in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  They are calm and say, "Good job" when things go well.  When they don't, they say, "Darn-it!"  

All F-bombs,  S-bombs, and S.O.B-bombs, are not said.
When I asked Ian what he thought of the experience, he said, "Momma, they cussed a lot!" 
I said, "The coaches........... or the players?"
He said, "BOTH"!!!!
I said, "I'm sorry buddy, I noticed!"
He said, "Yah, but they prayed before the games and I liked that!"

So, what do ya do?
Their team ended up winning the whole sha-bang!  They played teams from 3 different states.  No one scored on them until the last game.  
I'm proud of my boy.  
I'm proud of the person he is.
I'm proud that he doesn't cuss.
I'm proud that he is glad they prayed.
I'm proud that he played tough (even if he was in shock)
 I'm proud that he was the tallest on the team, yet the gentlest.
 Besides....he got some nice hardware out of the deal.

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