November 24, 2010

Camo and Heels

I love that my girl can dress to the 9's, then go out in camo and high heels.........just sayin'.  Her Daddy has introduced her to hunting.  I'm afraid, friends, that she may be hooked.  When Gracie entered our life, I sighed a sign of relief.  Whew......... her and I could go shopping while the "men" go to the woods.  Looks like my plan isn't working out.  Rick says that when a deer walks in front of her, she gets the jitters.  Which says to me, she's not just saying she likes it, she REALLY DOES!!!!  So, I need your opinion.... is it wrong that I am now the only one not in the woods during deer season?  Is it wrong that I enjoy sleeping in?  Is it wrong that I love the comfort of my heated home and house slippers?  Ughh..... I'm just not a early morning, woodsy, shooting type of girl.
I am training Rick, he noticed that the heels and camo were a great photo op before I did.  
Atta boy, Rick.
I did a mini photo session with the Cole-man.  He was sweepy and didn't want anything to do with it.  So, hopefully, we will get to do it again next weekend. 
What a beautiful family!!!  I {heart} them.

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