January 24, 2009

"Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?  Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."
Isaiah 55:2

I was trying to find a scripture to put on my facebook account.  I opened my bible and this sort-of popped out at me.  Strange how that happens sometimes.  Especially since it's two things that I really struggle with.  Spending and eating.  It was so funny.  I was trying to explain this concept to my 6th grade girls group last week.  I gave a topic and opened the bible.  The scripture that first caught my eye was about menstrual cycles.  Not quite the result that I wanted.  Oh, well.  We got a lil' chuckle out of it.   Anyway,  the scripture was important to me today.  I really needed encouragement from the Lord, and I got it.  So, I wanted to record His faithfulness by writing it down.

Another crazy day.  Are you surprised?  The boys did really well last night.  I think that I was asleep by 1:00 a.m..  They were asleep by 1:30 a.m..  Not too bad, I didn't think.  I rolled them out of bed this morning around 8:00.  I don't think that they were too happy about it, but they didn't complain much.  We headed off to the Y for Gracie's game (which started at 10:00).  They are all so cute.  She is so tall that she ends up with the ball quite a bit.  But she is afraid to dribble or shoot.  So she always passes it off.  She did take one shot and almost made it.  At this age, it's all about the cute.

Ian's game.....oh my goodness.  What a nightmare!!!  I wanted to get on the court to rough and tough some of the opponents.  We FINALLY got a score before the game ended.  I'm not sure what the final score was.  All I know was it was bad.  Really, really bad.  Ian seemed to take it in stride and I was proud of him for that.  He is so non-competitive.  Just like his mommy.  He will even by a new video game and make Ryan play it because he "likes to watch him play".  So cute.

Ryan's game.  Waaaayyyy better than last week.  Not enough to squeak out a win, but close.  Susan Rucker and I were sure that the other team had octopus arms.  They caught and rebounded everything that we threw up.  But the end score ended up only 6 points spread.  Not as bad as it looked.  Ryan played well.  I think that he was a little frustrated though.

So, I committed to going to weight watchers on Monday.  Not real excited about that, but I need the push.  I only want to lose 10 pounds for now, but I cannot do it without humiliating myself in front of many others.  So strange, huh?

So, gonna go visit with Rick's parents.  They just walked in the door.  They came to give Ryan his birthday present.  

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